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Fairfield is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of 受托人 that appoints the 总统. The Board maintains legal authority and responsibility for the operations of the University. The Board, of which the 总统 is a member, makes policy decisions and establishes institutional objectives and priorities. The Board of 受托人 approves University policies and monitors their implementation. Additionally, the Board strives to preserve and promote the educational objectives of the University within the context of a 耶稣会 and 天主教 commitment. Currently, there are 31 members of the Board and five 受托人 Emeriti. Four quarterly Board meetings are held each year.

Office of the 总统

On July 1, 2017 Mark R. Nemec, PhD, became the 9th Ignatian and first lay 总统 of Fairfield University. Additionally, Dr. Nemec joined the politics department as a professor within the College of Arts and 科学.

Office of the Provost

The Academic Division houses educational and cultural components of the University, including the four schools and the college, the University Registrar, Disability 服务, Office of Academic and Career Development, the Study Abroad Program, the Office of Sponsored 项目, the Trio Program, DiMenna-Nyselius 图书馆, the Fairfield University Art Museum, several Academic Centers, including the Center for Academic Excellence. The division embodies the educational mission of the University through a commitment to intellectual excellence, Ignatian pedagogical principles and a 耶稣会 commitment to social justice.

Senior Leadership

Meet the senior administrators of Fairfield University, who are in charge of Academic Affairs, Advancement, 市场营销 & Communications, and Operations.

Advisory Boards

Fairfield's Advisory Boards consist of accomplished professionals with backgrounds related to the areas of emphasis in each particular school. The objective of the boards is to assist the University in achieving our vision of becoming the modern, 耶稣会 天主教 University.


Meet the deans of Fairfield University.


Meet the hundreds who have your back.

Fairfield University has gained a reputation for academic excellence for hundreds of reasons: our faculty and staff. Through them, the Fairfield mission lives and breathes, as they teach, 引领, and help students across all facets of their time at the University. They'll be your biggest advocates, committed to helping you become not just a better student, but a truly capable scholar, with a lifelong thirst for learning.

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