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祝贺您的学生被新濠天地在线官网app下载录取! 孩子人生的下一段旅程确实是一个特殊的时刻. Now it’s time to make things official by responding to your student’s admission offer.

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Fairfield’s campus radiates an energy and enthusiasm that makes people want to become a part of it, 我们很高兴欢迎你来到这个神奇的社区. 如果你是大学生的第一次父母, 一开始你可能会觉得有些不知所措, so we are happy to share some suggestions that may be helpful on your journey.

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Make Your Deposit

存款截止日期- 2022年5月1日

你已经开始庆祝你的学生被新濠天地在线官网app下载录取了, but now it’s time to make it official by responding to their admission offer at c-groups.com/studentportal.

如果你的孩子是住校学生, their $600 enrollment fee includes a $200 tuition deposit and a $400 campus housing deposit. If they are enrolling as a commuter student, their enrollment deposit is $200.

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Stay Informed

Fairfield’s primary method of communication with parents is through email and communications like the quarterly Parent Update from the Office of Parent Engagement and Philanthropy. 新父母将在8月开始收到更新,并可以联系 parents@c-groups.com 使用电子邮件首选项和更新.

Get Involved

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Get Involved

Becoming a Parent Ambassador gives parent volunteers an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for their child’s experiences at Fairfield, 加入我们神奇的家长社区, and contribute to a University that gives their student much more than a career-ready education. 这种参与是有益的、吸引人的、有趣的! 如果你对如何参与有疑问, contact Ellen Dooley, 家长参与和慈善事业副主任, at edooley@c-groups.com.

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In-Person & 虚拟访问机会

Campus Visits

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Campus Visits

Celebrate your student's admission and learn more about the Fairfield experience with a personalized campus tour. Discuss next steps, 回答你的问题, and picture your child as a member of our Class of 2027 while touring our beautiful campus. 录取学生团将于2023年3月和4月提供. 您可以查看您的选择,并在网上注册您的访问 c-groups.com/visit.



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被录取学生的家长被邀请加入Corry Unis, 招生副校长, 通过Zoom进行引人入胜的虚拟对话.


MVP Experiences

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MVP Experiences

Embracing diversity has always been a distinguishing hallmark of Jesuit education, 这一传统在新濠天地在线官网app下载得以延续. Our Multicultural Visit Programs (MVP) give future Stags the opportunity to experience events that highlight the unique diversity of our student body. Future Stags connect with current Stags to get a first-hand perspective on academic and social life on campus. Learn more at c-groups.com/mvp.

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Class of 2027 Parents


Current Hometown: Middletown, NJ

Why Fairfield: 新濠天地在线官网app下载提供了我们在高等教育中所寻找的一切. 有着高度专业化的, accredited Biomedical Engineering (BME) program and a number of study abroad opportunities (including the U of Galway, BME的世界领导者), 我们印象深刻. Fairfield provides a robust list of resources, for students and parents alike. We wanted our son to be part of a community, on and off campus, and yes, Fairfield's got it! Last, certainly not least, we wanted our son to continue his education at a Catholic University.

给第一次做大学生父母的建议: 请放心,新濠天地在线官网app下载希望您的孩子成功. This was evident with each visit and session we attended and in all of the detailed emails from Fairfield.

我们作为新濠天地在线官网app下载家长社区成员的经历: Thus far, we are grateful to be in the company of parents who value their child's education. 我们感谢所有分享意见的家长, tips, 并通过社交媒体渠道提供指导.

Mary Compo headshot

Mary Compo

Class of 2024 Parent

Get to Know Mary

Current Hometown: Lowville, NY

Why Fairfield: The emphasis on cura personalis 作为父母,新濠天地在线官网app下载最吸引我们的是哪一方面. 除了为我们的女儿提供优秀的学术教育, the opportunity she has at Fairfield to develop her character and worldview in order to become not just employable, but more importantly, 一个富有同情心,为更大的利益做出贡献的人是这个机构所独有的. 新濠天地在线官网app下载不仅仅是在推广这种理想, it lives and breathes it in all aspects of the college community so students have a worthy model to emulate.

给第一次做大学生父母的建议: Encourage your child to look at a variety of different kinds of colleges and visit the campuses together. Sometimes the image you have of a type of college and/or pre-conceived notions held about a particular institution are not at all the reality.

我作为新濠天地在线官网app下载家长社区一员的经历: Our experience as part of the University’s community has been completely positive. We have felt welcomed, included, and valued members of the Fairfield family since our daughter received her acceptance letter. 新濠天地在线官网app下载为家长提供的沟通是非常出色的! 我们总是见多识广,及时了解最新情况, 在2019冠状病毒病危机期间尤其具有挑战性. 尽管如此,新濠天地在线官网app下载在这方面已经超出了我们的预期.



Class of 2022 Parent

Get to Know Susan

Current Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Why Fairfield: 新濠天地在线官网app下载紧密结合的耶稣会社区, excellent teaching, great leadership, strong alumni network, and overall dedication to student growth and development are many of the aspects that are important to me as a parent. I was particularly impressed by Fairfield’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. 他们很快做出了回应, 做出数据驱动的决策, kept students safe, 并制定了一项计划,以确保安全措施得到维护. This is unchartered territory for all, and the way Fairfield managed the pandemic speaks volumes.

给第一次做大学生父母的建议: 基于我们目前的环境状况, everything is fluid and subject to change for both students and families alike. And with so much uncertainty, be certain Fairfield puts your students best interests first.

我作为新濠天地在线官网app下载家长社区一员的经历: Being located 3,000 miles from campus, I have been incredibly impressed with the efforts Fairfield has taken to ensure we are included in local events and activities. We have had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Fairfield faculty both on campus and in California.

Chuck Chupein headshot

Chuck Chupein

Class of 2021 Parent

Get to Know Chuck

Current Hometown: Villanova, PA

Why Fairfield: Fairfield’s size, location, and extremely loyal alumni base stood out to us initially. 见过来自全国各地的校友, there is always an overwhelming love for the University and their experience at Fairfield. After visiting, we were very impressed with the campus and the school’s commitment to supporting academic, athletic, 学生经历. The new facilities, 包括新的多兰商学院, 是最先进的还是令人印象深刻的. The beautiful campus and its close access to downtown Fairfield and the beach made the environment a perfect setting for the college experience.

给第一次做大学生父母的建议: 充分参与(但不要太多)来指导他们选择学校, 而是让学生发现并享受他们的独立性.

我作为新濠天地在线官网app下载家长社区一员的经历: We have really enjoyed the sense of community from the administration and students at Fairfield. We love attending Alumni Family Weekend and visiting and supporting Athletics. 我们还有幸举办了新入学学生见面会, and it was so much fun to see how enthusiastic the new students and their families were about attending Fairfield.

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The Fairfield University Admitted Students - Class of 2027 Facebook group is for students looking to connect and engage with one another as they look towards their exciting future at Fairfield. 这个小组对被录取的学生开放, 尚未在新濠天地在线官网app下载注册的学生, 还有那些还在做决定的学生. 鼓励你的学生今天就加入!









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